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The First Morning
    Jennifer knocked on the door to the room that her daughter had disappeared into early that morning. As she had expected, there was no response. Gently twisting the knob, the canine gently pushed on the door, entering the room that months ago had been called by its new inhabitant. Looking around, the room had that 'just moved into' look that was to be expected, and the fresh paint smell to go along with it. Her daughter's large duffle bag of clothes had been unceremoniously dumped at the foot of the bed. The new furniture had been set up a week earlier, though she suspected that it would change position soon enough. In the corner, the brand new red and silver wheelchair sat, waiting for its owner to decide to put it into service.
    The bed that took up the center of the room was a rather spartan affair, compared to what it could be. The hollow metal frame did its job of supporting the mattress and young teenager, who was currently curled up beneath a
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Aiden - Chapter 3
    I can hear them chasing me. The sound of their feet hitting the pavement all the motivation I need to keep running. Taking a turn a little too sharp, my feet fly out from under me. Before I can move, I’m pinned. I’m quickly dragged into the street where they pin me down. My arms are held down while another guy sits on my legs. Bastard number four digs his knees into my chest, making it impossible for me to breathe. Even without the guy on my chest, my ribs are on fire.
    The world around me is starting to go grey. I try to breathe, but my lungs won’t respond. The fuckers holding me down laugh as I try to get even a mouthful of air. Fortunately, I don’t have to listen to them long. With my vision fading, I can hear an annoying ringing in my ears that drowns out nearly everything else. With my world reduced to a pinprick of light and my heart pounding in my chest, I hear a lone voice cut through the ringing.
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    The young wolf sighed as he awoke. Keeping his eyes closed, he listened to the sound of the rain against the window above him, a distant rumble echoing through the otherwise silent house letting him know that the storm wouldn’t be letting up anytime soon, which was just fine as far as he was concerned. Slowly cracking an eye open, the canine could see that his mechanical right arm was still slowly stroking the small bundle of fur atop his chest. Smiling, he simply lay there, listening to the gentle rain against the glass above him as he watched his daughter sleep, the occasional purr letting him know how she was.
    Unable to resist, the father of six months gently blew on the fur along his daughter’s exposed back. At first nothing happened. Slowly, the purring stopped as the small black and orange ball of fuzz started to shift as she slowly awoke. Yawning, the kitten stretched, a series of small claws extending from her fingers
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Aiden - Chapter 2
    As it turns out, I was walking through a field that had been full of corn a couple months earlier. I discovered this when my right foot got caught on an old stalk and I suddenly found myself doing an unexpected face plant in the snow. It was probably a good thing that I was alone in the field, since as I got back to my feet, if anyone had been with me, they would have learned several new phrases - especially if they spoke Spanish. Standing back up, I turn to look back the way I came. I'm maybe a quarter of the way across the field, but thanks to the blowing snow, there's no way to tell. In fact, beyond maybe a hundred feet, the world ceases to exist. No field, no town, no train tracks. As I briefly watch, my tracks in the snow barely exist. Even the impression I made when I tripped is being erased, as if the universe is doing its damnedest to get rid of any evidence that I exist.
    Gritting my teeth as a particularly cold blast of wind slam
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Aiden - Chapter 1
    Not far beyond the train I'm riding in, the world is a blank wall of pure white. Even though I'm not outside in the middle of that mess, I burrow down in my jacket. I know that sooner or later, I would be, and that my jacket would be of little use when it came to keeping me warm. Sighing, I lean against the wall of the car I'm sitting in, the gentle rocking of my ride silently tempting me back to sleep. I can feel it working but I resist. Despite the distinct lack of sleep, I need to stay awake. Groaning, I slowly stand, my right leg protesting like it always does in this kind of weather. Taking a moment to stretch, I limp over to the side of the car. Jamming my left foot against the side of the doorway, I push on the boxcar's door, which I had nearly shut only hours earlier. Almost immediately I'm greeted with a slap of freezing cold wind to the face that almost makes me want to slam the door shut entirely. Instead, I put my weigh
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